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100% Natural Dog Treats for Gut Support

100% Natural Dog Treats for Gut Support

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A healthy gut microbiome is key to your dog's overall health. When the gut is healthy, your doggy is likely to feel their best from the inside out. Our delicious treats, with a unique blend of adaptogens and herbs, promote a healthy and balanced digestive system.

💫 LISTEN TO YOUR GUT: Supports healthy gut flora; improves nutrient absorption & digestion and protects the gut lining. Our unique blend of adaptogens and herbs (they work best as a team!) can also help repair leaky gut.

💙 HELP YOUR DOG FEEL THEIR BEST: Developed with pet nutritionists and vets, backed by real science and slowly-baked with the highest quality ingredients to help support a healthy gut.

🌿 ONLY THE GOOD STUFF: A treat packed with natural adaptogens to settle gurgly, windy tummies & reduce flatulence. Slippery Elm, Marshmallow Root and Inulin hand-baked in a delicious free-range ostrich treat! Ostrich is a delicious, lean, easily digestible, novel protein.

🐶 WOOF APPROVED: Super tasty free-range ostrich dog treats that are 100% natural with zero nasties and a firm wiggle of approval from our chief taste tasters.

Free-range Ostrich meat, Coconut Flour, Flax Flour, Butternut, Marshmallow Root*, Slippery Elm, Inulin, Turmeric & Black Pepper, Fresh Basil, Rosemary Extract
(*Dogs with diabetes should avoid marshmallow root)

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